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Cello cases

Our Cello Cases:

Musilia cases, www.musilia.com for Celli (S1,S2,S3) and Carbon Violin-cases

or italian fashionable Bogaro & Clemente https://bcbows.com/en , they consider almost any special requests concerning coulor or patter !

or Maurizio Riboni- Etuis via http://www.maurizioriboni.it/ENG/home.html


It is important to us to provide good service to these recommended etuis so you can use it for a long time !

Strings broken ?


Order your String here:

logo streichersaiten

Instrument Cases

Zub EtuiP9240020

Are you in need of a case for your Cello, Violin or Viola ?

We have a lot of experience in selecting especially durable cases so your instrument can be safely protected in the years to come.