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Virtual 3D Instrument & Documentation via Photogrammetry

[for 3d models see below at the end of the page]

Since the beginning of 2020, we have developed the possibility to virtually document string instruments and bows with high-resolution photogrammetry to make their condition and appearance “tangible” even without the present original. These technique is gaining more and more important for the documentation as well as the restoration.

The challenge is the representation with high detail precision but small storage volume to make it available online even on mobile devices. 

How does the photogrammetry work? The instrument is being photographed in high-quality from many different angles. With these pictures, the corresponding software will calculate the matching points and deep structures. With these, it´s possible to generate a 3D body that is covered with the surface image. With the many distinctions, edges, and angels this is really complex, since the deviations also have to be as minimal as possible to get an excellent outcome.


1 Aufbau2 Fotos3 FertigWirbelkastenschnitt Viola 2

Below are 3d examples. After loading, they can be rotated and moved in all axes. If this does not work, it is due to the browser settings or a reduced performance of the mobile device.

If you have some trouble with sketchfab: Help (For Chrome: activate 3gl and chrome special settings chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist : enable "override software rendering list")

Transformed CT-Data-Picture


3D-Violin Model


3D-High-textured Viola