Portrait Andreas Jacobi

We offer good service in all those fields:

  • repair
  • restauration
  • inlay technique
  • building of new instruments
  • sound setting
  • instruments for rent
  • consulting
  • sale of instruments and accessories
  • certificates
  • etc. …

… we are looking forward to seeing you!

About myself:

1988, I started my apprenticeship to become a violin maker with an internship in Cologne, continued my training in Mittenwald and finished it in Wiesbaden as an “Geselle” in the violin store of Michael Franke.After the years of being a “Geselle” and my passed “Meisterprüfung” 1996, I founded my own shop in the Rheingau. Since 2007, we are working in the workshop at the cathedral square in Geisenheim. During all these years, I have continued to enlarge my knowledge in workshops and due to contact with a network of other violin makers since several years.

Since 1990, I dealt with special callipers and their history of their assistance in the field of violin making. My interest was awakened with the invention of the “Schneckenzirkel” (scroll calliper), which can copy, enlarge and mirror volutes (and is therefore very useful for me as a violin maker). This interest lead to the development of my patented Inlay technique, for which I received the hessian special price for innovation (inlay technique). By now, I am working with a Laser-Scan-Technique and 3D-Photography to scan the object, which I can then carve out with my CNC Machine.

In close distance to the neighbouring cities, such as Wiesbaden, Frankfurt or Mainz, I find myself located in the wine-growing area Rheingau near Rüdesheim. Here I found the possibility to dedicate myself more intensively to the new construction of violins, violas, cellos as well as repairs and especially restauration. I also constructed several copies of historical instruments (e.g. viola d´Amore, viola da gamba etc.). Please have a look at our gallery in which they are displayed!

Another special service of us is the STREICHERSAITE. A community project amongst other violin makers.

I am looking forward to your visit on our other website!

Furthermore, I engage myself into voluntary work:

Second chairman in the friends’ association “Kulturtreff: Die Scheune” in Geisenheim. foerderverein-scheune.de

Second chairman in the Astronomical Association (Astronomischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft im Rheingau e.V.) aar-ev.de

rotarygb Member of the Rotary Club + Youth Exchange Officer at the ROTARY Club Wiesbaden (district 1820).rotary.org rotary-wiesbaden and active in the Rotary-Youth Exchange Program

Regarding violin making:

Member of theVDG - Verband deutscher Geigenbauer (German Association of Violin Makers)

Member of the "Eben!Holz" association

Secretary of the AEL - europäischen Geigenbauer Vereinigung (European Association of Violin Makers)