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New Instruments

Old or new? Does the sound solely matter?

The importance of the construction of new instruments-besides the trade with sometimes historical instruments - has greatly increased in our workshop during the past years. Especially in regard of the sound, a newly built instrument is a very good, consistent alternative with low maintenance costs, unlike an antique instrument.

 Through our experience in restauration, frequent repairs, the research about historical instruments, seminars, the exchange with other violin makers and the visit of museums and conventions, we are able to craft new instruments in different styles. Together with our larger staff, we are now working a lot in this field again.

We are also considering your personal demands, need for the model and sound.  To accomplish individual concepts of sound, we are more than pleased to use special kinds of wood (e.g flamed pear wood, cottonwood or basswood).

In the following gallery, you can have a look at the steps of the violin construction. Enjoy!



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