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 Would you or your children like to learn a string instrument? Do you need a high-quality rental instrument for a performance? Talk to us about it!

A good setup with a well-tuned bridge, a selected voice, good pegs, a fingerboard that is comfortable to play with optimum string height, really good strings, an original Wittner chinrest and tailpiece make our rental instruments vibrate even better! A good, masterly violin set-up costs a lot of time and money: for a violin around €300-350 plus the violin, bow and accessories). But it is then much easier to play and has a better sound. It's simply more fun! In addition, our bows can be rehair and the instruments can also be repaired. This is sustainable, very important to us and avoids even more waste.

-A benefit for all ears!
-We also ship !
-We are also happy to support schools/string classes with instruments for sale or hire! Making music creates a community of children! That is important !
-Rental or installment purchases are of course possible. Discuss this with us!


Give us a call and book: 06722-971982 or use the contact form.


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